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UPPACT is chosen by the public to be the most beloved initiative amongst the finalists of the Nothern Enlightenmentz 2021 Awards.

A huge thanks to our supporters. Thank you for believing in us!

CEO & Co-Founder UPPACT – Jan Jaap Folmer at the Awards

The Northern Enlightenmentz 2021 is an inspiring competition for innovative initiatives of the chemical and energy industries in the northern provinces of The Netherlands.

This election is hosted under ‘Eemsdeltavisie 2021 – Truth or Dare’, organized by Industrielinqs Pers En Platform on the platform of Petrochem, which is powered by Chemport Europe.

Organizers and event partners

What brings UPPACT to the table?

  • A technology that recycles unsorted, unwashed, unshredded difficult-to-recycle plastic waste streams into high-quality building materials.
  • A machine that processes pre-loved textiles, carpet tiles, fishing nets, multilayer packaging, and even sneakers or cigarette butts.
  • A great partnership between Upp!, Sympact Solutions, Plastech, and marine waste specialists – Bek & Verburg.

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