All textile & plastic are recyclable

Why is 70% of them being burned?

That's insane!

We do it differently.





Recycling can be difficult. Sorting and separating are complicated, expensive, and sometimes even impossible. Many waste streams are too contaminated to process.


Every year, only in The Netherlands, more than 250.000 trucks full of plastic and textile are burnt. This is destroying valuable resources. This should stop. And this can stop.

Our new and unique UnWastor technology will recycle all of your 'unrecyclable' plastic and textile waste into new materials and recyclable products.

Cost and energy-efficient, therefore, low carbon footprint.

Magics of the UnWastor

The UnWastor recycles everything!

Whether it's masks, food packaging with residues, worn sneakers, old duvets, broken fishing nets, or sand-contaminated agricultural grain bags...

All can be fed into the machine.






Surprising materials

Inside the UnWastor, under pressure and with frictional energy, all waste will be melted and transformed into high-quality rPT materials with unique properties and characteristics.


Robust, UV and water-resistant, easy to process.

‘Impact inside’

A technique with real impacts: no unnecessary incineration and CO2.


The UnWastor uses 50% less energy compared to other current technologies and its products are 100% circular. The UnWastor can simply recycle them again after 10 or 20 years...


Together, we create impacts and aim for a zero-waste and 100% circular world.

Regions & Municipalities

...who put circular and economic goals first, and want less of plastic and textile waste.

Waste Management & Recycling Facilities

...who want to offer more solutions to their clients.

Companies & Institutions

...who have plenty of plastic and textile waste and want to close their own loops.

Makers & Builders

...who are searching for 100% circular, robust and high-quality materials with a low footprint.

'All urban waste is a source of inspiration for new products and

it offers the chance to be real circulair.'



The impacts of Uppact

We believe in a clean, green and circular world where...

...all plastic and textile waste are recycled. Every year, Uppact wants to unwaste 500 million kilos of plastic and textile, turn them into valuable products for a beautiful living environment.


...every region embraces its plastic and textile waste streams and sees them as treasures. With a regional UnWastor in a circular ecosystem, all raw materials could get their endless lives, have circular business models and from there, the most beautiful products can be manufactured.

Every city has a treasure...

...each kilo of recycled waste saves up to 2 kilos CO2. Regarding incineration and replacement for products made from virgin/fossil materials.

1 billion kilos CO2

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Jan Jaap Folmer

CEO & Co-Founder

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Michel Walstock


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Mark Hilet

Senior Process Engineer

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Hai Ngo

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