UPPACT in BNR Duurzaam

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Amsterdam, 26-02-2024

UPPACT in BNR Duurzaam

UPPACT in BNR Duurzaam
UPPACT in BNR Duurzaam
Klaske Kruk (l), Jan Jaap Folmer (m) en Harm Edens (r)
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UPPACT signs lease for its DEMO factory at Chemport Innovation Center Delfzijl

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Delfzijl, 11-01-2024

UPPACT signs lease for its DEMO factory at Chemport Innovation Center Delfzijl

UPPACT is proud to announce that it will take the first major step towards commercial production in 2024. The new DEMO factory, with a processing capacity of 4,000 tons per year, will be located in the Chemport Innovation Center of Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl.


The official agreement between UPPACT and the Chemport Innovation Center was signed on Thursday, January 11 during the Groningen Seaports New Year's reception at the same CIC.


Jan Jaap Folmer, co-founder and director of UPPACT, sees this development as a crucial milestone. "Over the past two years we have validated our unique technology and tested various plastic and textile waste streams using our pilot installation in the Eemshaven. Now we will set up the scaled-up first production line in the Chemport Innovation Center and roll out the complete circular concept, including the organized supply of waste flows and the introduction of circular products to the market."


The Unwastor, the mixer/melter that is in the pilot installation at maritime waste collector Bek & Verburg in Eemshaven, is a groundbreaking Australian invention. The device can mechanically transform difficult-to-recycle plastic and textile waste into a homogeneous and consistent mass, ideal for the production of thick-walled building materials such as solid poles and planks. Currently, most of the waste that UPPACT will process ends up in incinerators or the cement industry. Folmer emphasizes: "This not only results in the loss of valuable raw materials, but also causes harmful emissions and CO2 emissions. Moreover, it accounts for more than half of all plastic and textile waste in the Netherlands, making the impact of our activities significant. "


With regard to the scaled-up facility at the Chemport Innovation Center, UPPACT has indicated that it is well advanced in the second round of financing. Completion of this phase is expected very soon, so that the DEMO factory can be started up this year.


The Chemport Innovation Center welcomes UPPACT with open arms to the former iron smelter in Farmsum. Cas König, CEO of Groningen Seaports says: "UPPACT fits perfectly into our concept of facilitating the growth of scale-ups that fit into the Northern ecosystem. We have also set up the Chemport Innovation Center in Delfzijl for this purpose. We look forward to a successful collaboration and the positive impact that this innovative company will have on sustainability, environmental conservation and circularity in the Northern Netherlands."

UPPACT tekent huurcontract voor DEMO fabriek met Chemport Innovation Center

UPPACT would like to thank the following organizations for making our pilot and demo factory possible:

UPPACT sluit 2023 af met een serie uitstekende trials
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UPPACT closes 2023 with a series of excellent trials

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Eemshaven, 22-12-2023

UPPACT closes 2023 with a series of excellent trials

In November and December, UPPACT improved the test installation with a new extruder and a more flexible connection system for the molds. On December 22, we tested this new installation in its entirety for the first time. The mixer/melter did what a mixer/melter was supposed to do ('mix and melt') and the melt was drawn into the extruder without any problems and came out in a nice flow.


The molds could also be easily connected to the extruder and filled nicely. Through an opening in the back of the mold it could be determined that the mold was full - a stream of melt then came out - after which the mold could be disconnected and placed in the cooling bath.


With 5 molds ready for production, we were also able to make exactly 5 planks and posts, which all came out very nicely. This was celebrated afterwards with a Christmas lunch of fries and hamburger sandwiches from Ekamper, to which the Bek & Verburg employees were also invited.



UPPACT sluit 2023 af met een serie uitstekende trials 1

UPPACT would like to thank the following organizations for making our pilot and demo factory possible:

UPPACT sluit 2023 af met een serie uitstekende trials
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Stay tuned. Coming soon: breaking news

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Stay tuned. Coming soon: breaking news...

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Pilot Ziekenhuisafval


Pilot Ziekenhuisafval

Niet-medisch ziekenhuisafval

De UnWastor – UPPACT Eemshaven

Planken & Palen als bouwmateriaal voor banken, plantenbakken, groenwanden bij ziekenhuizen.


  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG)
  • NNRD (afvalinzamelaar, sortering)
  • Bek & Verburg (collectie)
maria_koijick_operatie_afval_pilot ziekenhuisafval van UPPACT
Het project is uitgevoerd met subsidie van:

Het Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat, het Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit, Nationale regelingen EZK- en LNV-subsidies, Topsector Energie uitgevoerd door Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

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The Northern Enlightenmentz 2021 Awards

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UPPACT is chosen by the public to be the most beloved initiative amongst the finalists of the Nothern Enlightenmentz 2021 Awards.

A huge thanks to our supporters. Thank you for believing in us!

CEO & Co-Founder UPPACT – Jan Jaap Folmer at the Awards

The Northern Enlightenmentz 2021 is an inspiring competition for innovative initiatives of the chemical and energy industries in the northern provinces of The Netherlands.

This election is hosted under ‘Eemsdeltavisie 2021 – Truth or Dare’, organized by Industrielinqs Pers En Platform on the platform of Petrochem, which is powered by Chemport Europe.

Organizers and event partners

What brings UPPACT to the table?

  • A technology that recycles unsorted, unwashed, unshredded difficult-to-recycle plastic waste streams into high-quality building materials.
  • A machine that processes pre-loved textiles, carpet tiles, fishing nets, multilayer packaging, and even sneakers or cigarette butts.
  • A great partnership between Upp!, Sympact Solutions, Plastech, and marine waste specialists – Bek & Verburg.
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Innofest X Lowlands: van trash naar treasure met UPPACT

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In Biddinghuizen gaat op vrijdag 19 augustus één van de grootste popfestivals van Nederland weer van start gaat: Lowlands. In samenwerking met de Green Deal Circular Festivals en het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat faciliteert Innofest voor het eerst een innovatietest op dit festival, een primeur om trots op te zijn.

Wat gaat er gebeuren?

Bij deze popfestival, gaat UPPACT verzamelen na afloop van het evenement het afval van de festivalcamping en nemen dit mee naar hun loods in de Eemshaven. Onze innovatie, de UnWastor, recyclet al het plastic en textielafval om er vervolgens nieuwe producten van te kunnen maken. Die producten, denk aan een campingtafel of een rijplaat, zijn volgend jaar dan weer op Lowlands te vinden.

Circulariteit in optima forma!

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UPPACT helps northern Netherlands become more circular

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With an absolute 10/10 scorecard, UPPACT is officially chosen by the jury of Startup in Residence – North Netherland to take on the challenge of making Waste Management in the province of Groningen more circular. 
It was officially announced on 12.05.2022, in the beautiful building of Forum Groningen. 
Together with three other wonderful start-up HULO, Waterweg, Joinby, we are going to make North Netherland more circular.

About Startup in Residence


The Startup in Residence program supports innovative entrepreneurs. They help startups develop solutions and find launching customers in the public sector. Because the Netherlands needs innovative solutions for urgent social issues!

  • Follow a development path with training and mentoring
  • Run a pilot with a potential client
  • Sell solutions to a city, region, or the government
  • And startup will remain the owner of the solution!

More information, visit Startupinresidence.com 

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